When Stormtroopers Keep You Warm: Design Teacher Repurposes Spent Gas Canisters as Sci-Fi Stoves

By Core77 on August 26, 2015 in Design - Other

Alex Dodson describes himself as “a technology teacher at a secondary school tasked with inspiring the next generation of designers.” We’ve no idea what he does in the classroom, but we’re guessing his sideline business, “Burned by Design,” takes care of the “inspiring” part.

UK-based Dodson has artistic talent, welding skills, an appreciation for sci-fi movies and ready access to discarded gas canisters. These four elements have led him to create the rather unusual series of wood-burning stoves you see here.

Instructor that he is, Dodson isn’t shy about sharing his process; indeed, he’s posted multiple Instructables on how he puts them together. The Stormtrooper one alone is fascinating:

“My biggest challenge was trying to create the sides on the helmet, I was struggling for what to make them out of,” Dodson writes. “I ended up using the top section of a large gas bottle and it turned out great.”

Dodson sells his creations on eBay and will ship them as far as Australia. He also accepts orders on his Facebook page, with prices ranging from £220 to £300 (US $343 to $468. Business is apparently brisk; a local newspaper from Barnsley, Dodson’s neck of the woods, reports that “one customer in the USA has just ordered 30 [of Dodson’s] patio heaters and says it is only his first of what will be many more orders.” Not too shabby, considering Dodson only started making these last October, when he bought his first welding rig.

What we’d like to see him tackle next: Barbecue grills!