What Does the Way That You Interact With Objects Say About Your Personality?

By Core77 on August 20, 2015 in Design - Other

Handwriting analysts once claimed they could deduce elements of your personality by examining your penmanship. Now that no one writes longhand anymore, that method of analysis is probably dead. But I’m guessing that if we could see your desk right now, or your office or apartment, we could tell certain things about you with even cursory glances.

Lisbon-based Art Director João Rocha knows this, and has created a series of illustrations sure to have a (harmlessly) divisive effect. Rocha’s “Two Kinds of People” Tumblr presents side-by-side depictions of objects that have been interacted with by their owners, with the gist being that each variant says something about that user’s personality.

Some are easy to understand, and depict personality differences that will be familiar to anyone who’s ever lived with an unlike spouse or roommate:

But most of Rocha’s illustrations are a bit more subtle. Most of them are technology-based, and half of the fun is figuring out what two types of people he’s attempting to pigeonhole:

I have to say that with each of these, I fall firmly into one of the camps. There’s more for you to go through here. And props to Rocha for successfully inhabiting the key rule of good visual storytelling: “Show, don’t tell.”

Via Quartz