What Do the Students Experience in SVA’s Products of Design Program?

By Core77 on August 25, 2015 in Design - Other

We here at Core77 wouldn’t have let founding partner Allan Chochinov out of the office four years ago, if he hadn’t gone off to do an important thing: Co-founding and chairing the School of Visual Arts’ Products of Design MFA program. Chochinov has been toiling away at the innovative program for nearly half a decade now, turning global citizens from diverse vocational backgrounds into the world’s next generation of change-savvy designers.

So how has the program shaped up thus far? Pretty darn well, see for yourself:

The video was shot by filmmaker and faculty member Michael Chung, and by all accounts the tough part wasn’t shooting it, but editing it: “Honestly we had too many great stories we wanted to tell,” Chung says. “Trying to narrow them down and fitting them into a few-minute timeframe was really our biggest challenge—too many good quotes and too little time!”

There’s a quick Q&A with Chung on the project here. And for those of you ready to up your design education, you can learn more about the program here.