Unbelievably Portable Personal Transportation Device from Japan

By Core77 on August 10, 2015 in Design - Other

Japanese inventor Kuniaki Sato has come up with something that beggars belief: A small aluminum platform, about the size of a laptop, that can carry a human being for a distance of 12 kilometers under its own power, and responds to Segway-like leaning for the UI. Take a look at this thing:

The small wheeled device, called the WalkCar, was created by Sato in a bid to demonstrate that Japan is still capable of innovation; it’s probably no accident that the name is similar to “Walkman,” the product that launched Sony onto the world stage and pushed Japanese electronics prowess into the global consciousness.

You’re undoubtedly wondering “How the hell can this thing be real? How can it store that much juice and develop that much torque in such a tiny package?” Details provided by the company are essentially nil, although in this Reuters video, we can see it’s charged by USB (!) and hear that it tops out at 10 kilometers per hour:

I think it’s safe to say that when the Kickstarter launches this October, the $800 device is going to fly off of the virtual shelves. Sato’s company, Cocoa Motors, estimates they’ll have units ready to ship by next year.