Travel Much? Explore Places and Spaces with dsgnfix

By Core77 on August 19, 2015 in Design - Other

For those who travel often for work or pleasure, it can be difficult to find recommendations for destinations beyond the expected tourist sites. That’s where technology can help fill the gap. At a recent conference we learned about dsgnfix, a search and discovery app for designers, architects and artists.

dsgnfix links like-minded design enthusiasts to their passion — great design — and also links them to each other,” Chuck Routhier, Creative Director and co-founder of the app told Core77. “The app speaks our language. It offers the design-focused content and experiences we crave.”

There are two ways to explore and discover on dsgnfix. You can conduct your own search of user-generated content or let a celebrated curator guide you with their recommendations. From Billie Tsien + Tod Williams, Paul Miller, aka DJ Spooky, Bruce Hanna to Allison Cross, some of the industry’s most recognized and respected voices share what influences and interests them.

dsgnfix connects users to everything from contemporary and historic architecture, galleries, vintage shops and sculpture parks to neighborhood walks and views. The powerful search engine and targeted filters allow you to narrow down your search by category to find exactly what you are looking for. “It makes it easy to sift through content and quickly discover design-focused experiences,” Routhier explains. Users can share moments by taking a photo, adding a comment or description and uploading new discoveries to the stream.

Community building was foundational to dsgnfix from the beginning. To bring the concept to life, Chuck teamed up with friends who shared his passion— Polly Carpenter, Dee Dunn and Jennifer Routhier. As Routhier shares, “We all love design. Our goal is to create a mobile community of people who feel the same way.”

Prototyping dsgnfix

Together with an IOS developer, the team developed a simple, clear interface to make it easy for users to participate and contribute. “This project went through several iterations and design concepts, from bold and in your face to something more subtle,” Routhier tells Core77. “Landing on the simpler, wire-frame approach was driven from the concept of dsgnfix being a tool—a means to an end—to put others in front of inspiring places and spaces.” 

This is important, as the dsgnfix team isn’t looking to create a virtual world in users’ pockets. “There are plenty of apps and websites where you can passively view cool design,” Chuck says. “We want to get people out to see the real world through a creative lens. We believe that the only way to fully appreciate design is through direct experience.”

The iOS dsgnfix app is available through the Apple App store. Currently launched in New York City, dsgnfix is quickly expanding into more neighborhoods. For more information, visit