This Smartphone Anti-Slip Solution Has the Best Kickstarter Video Ever

By Core77 on August 21, 2015 in Design - Other

I’ve often lamented that the iPhone is a beautifully-crafted object that we must hide inside a protective case. But Structures Engineer Nathan Cobb refuses to cover his up, presumably because he appreciates structures. So how does he manage to keep a grip on his slippery phone? Well, like this:

Okay, so the product is somewhat silly, but it’s only a dollar for two pairs. (Edit: At press time, the Early Birds have run out and it’s now $3 for two pairs.) Cobb needs your help!

The Lil Grits that you see in my pictures and the ones in my video were all handmade. I laminated the silicone film and the adhesive with a spoon and cut the Lil Grits by hand with a hobby knife. That’s fine for making a few sets here and there but producing larger quantities is going to require a much larger spoon and custom tooling.

This one may or may not make it; though the target’s just eight large, it had barely cracked $2,000 at press time. There are, however, still 18 days left to make Lil Grits happen.