The Tarzan Boat Mobile Floating Water Park

By Core77 on September 11, 2015 in Design - Other


This is the most fun-looking thing I’ve
seen all summer, but has one of the world’s worst soundtracks. Please turn your volume down before
checking this out:


That’s the Tarzan Boat, a “mobile
floating water park” used by Navy SEALs for training. Okay, not really. It’s a
recreational platform aimed at “resorts, marinas, camps, hotels and private
dock owners,” and the manufacturers are calling it a moneymaker—not just for
them, but for the buyer. They reckon the attraction will bring in “$3,000 to
$5,000 a day,” and they aim to help you monetize yours:


This isn’t just a boat, it’s a
business …and we want you to be very successful because it is our report card
to the world.  We don’t charge franchise fees or any payments after your
purchase, so our reputation is based on your success and we are going to
be diligent to make sure you are a hit.


Remember, that Tarzan Boat is designed for commercial
use, projected to gross $3,000-$5,000 a day.  We show you the operation of
handling customers, payment, location, traffic flow, training your staff, free
marketing methods and keeping your overhead very low. 


The turn-key “Business Package” runs
a cool $63,700, while those looking to buy one for personal use can knock five
grand off of the price.


I say go for the monetization. Furthermore,
going back to my earlier thought: I suggest you set one of these up near the
Naval Special Warfare Groups base outside of Virginia Beach, post
advertisements everywhere claiming you use the Tarzan Boat to train SEALs, and
see what happens.