The Design Process of the OCD Drill Bit Organizer

By Core77 on September 9, 2015 in Design - Other

Where do you start when beginning a new project from scratch? I knew I needed to make something to organize my drill bits, but had no idea what it should look like. I poked around on the web to see what others had done, but found only partial inspiration.

So I went back to my old-school ID training and started with the constraints. My circumstances dictated what the thing would be made of, and I knew I’d use the ShopBot to make it. I then looked at two bit-storage tricks I’d previously used to see what I should and shouldn’t do this time around. So then I had 1) Material, 2) Tool, and 3) An Approach to Avoid.

Starting with those guidelines, it just became a series of basic decision-making and form-follows-function, then everything fell into place:

For those that missed the original video, it’s here.