Simple, Effective DIY Mosquito Trap Made with a Box Fan

By Core77 on September 3, 2015 in Design - Other

Summer’s almost over, but mosquitoes still have at least another month to feast on your flesh. Is there anything worse than trying to sleep, then feeling something brush against your ear while you hear that little buzz and start slapping your own head?

I tried making that one DIY mosquito trap going around, the one with the soda bottle and the yeast. It didn’t catch anything and I never bothered to refresh the yeast. But this trap below looks like a veritable death squad for mosquitoes, and I’m struck by how simple it is: 

I wonder if this would work with a Dyson fan, or if those are too quiet to attract the ‘skeeters? In any case, here are the original fan traps the video above is based on, and an additional solar-powered model: