Sexy Design Solutions for Utilizing “Blind Corner” Cabinet Space in the Kitchen

By Core77 on September 9, 2015 in Design - Other

If you’re not an apartment dweller like me, and thus have a kitchen big enough to support an L-shaped counter, then you have another problem: The dead space in the “blind corner” where the two axes meet. Luckily for you, there are a host of design companies with solutions for how to utilize this otherwise wasted space.

On the basic end, you’ve got Knape & Vogt’s slide-out base blind corner unit:

It gets a bit sexier with County Kitchens’ “Magic Corner” solution:

Waricorner’s solution is similar if not identical, and their video gives you a better look at the mechanism:

Haefele’s “Lemans” system, so named because their solution is shaped like the famous racetrack, goes full-on sexy:

This man is so excited to show this blind corner solution for drawers that he doesn’t bother to mention the manufacturer (it’s Germany’s Blum):

And if none of these are high-tech enough for you, then check out Q4 Home Solutions’ appliance lift:

Editor’s Note: If you feel you’ve spotted some of these before on Core77, that’s because you have—this is an updated version of an older post with some newer solutions added.