Screwpop’s Well-Designed, Ultra Minimal Utility Knife

By Core77 on September 2, 2015 in Design - Other

The unfortunate thing I’ve learned in running a photography rental studio: People steal. If it isn’t nailed down and can be concealed in a bag, eventually it will go missing, as have the following studio items of mine: Audio cables (for plugging an iPhone into the stereo), $20 rolls of gaffer’s tape, handheld packaging tape dispensers, extra rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom (!), A-clamps, superclamps, J-hooks, and above all, utility knives. I’ve learned to lock all of this stuff away, but I often forget to put away the utility knife after I re-cut the seamless backdrops, and then it winds up in someone else’s collection.

That’s why I’m looking into one of these ScrewPop utility knives. Small enough to fit in a pocket attached to my keys, and as you’ll see in this review, the design—updated after customer feedback—is quite clever:

For ten bucks and change, I figure I can’t go wrong. But with my luck, I’ll acquire one and then have my keys taken by a mugger.