Product Tank Prototypes a Slick One-Handed Camera Tripod

By Core77 on August 18, 2015 in Design - Other

The industrial designer known only as Product Tank is a frequent contributor to the Core77 boards, and we always enjoy looking in on his work (see list at bottom). PT’s latest: A camera tripod that can be operated with one hand.

Your average tripod is a real pain in the ass to set up, having three legs and two latches per leg that must all be individually adjusted. PT figured he could do better and started with the user experience, envisioning a system that could be worked one-handed, then building his design around that principle:

I love that he’s worked out the mechanics with plywood and commonly-available materials; it reminds me of Prototyping class at ID school, and shows how doable it is to work out complicated mechanical problems even if you don’t have access to a high-tech lab.

In terms of design, the fact that you can release the legs down onto uneven terrain is brilliant, and the one-handed operation/adjusting would surely be a boon to those missing a hand or arm. We’re looking forward to seeing where this project goes.

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