Original Prints of Movies, Music and Photographs are Stored 22 Stories Underground in a Secret Pennsylvania Facility

By Core77 on July 30, 2015 in Design - Other

If you’ve ever worked in a corporate office, chances are you’ve seen one of these Iron Mountain file boxes lying around:

I always assumed they were just the people that made the cardboard boxes, and boy was I wrong. Iron Mountain is in fact a gigantic information and records storage company that I wasn’t familiar with because I’m not Bill Gates; these are the folks that he stores his enormous collection of Corbis photographs with. As you can imagine, they’re not sitting in some warehouse off of the turnpike; Iron Mountain has a special high-security facility, exact location undisclosed, buried 22 stories underground where they store all manner of rare, original prints of creative work.

A former limestone mine, the developed part encompasses nearly 2 million square feet, and has their own full-sized fire engine parked down there in case the shit hits the fan. Check this place out:

All I could think of was, where do those poor 27 office drones get their lunch? Sure they’ve got a fire truck and some impressive facilities, but I didn’t see a Quiznos or a Panera Bread down there.