Midcentury Modern Mad Men Merch, All For Sale

By Core77 on August 3, 2015 in Design - Other

It’s weird to think that fictional television shows not only have a cultural impact but can also influence what objects people will buy. When Sons of Anarchy, a show about a rather violent gang of bikers that rode Harleys, was at the height of its popularity, it reportedly led to an increase in sales for Harley-Davidson at a time when they badly needed it. According to a 2014 article in the Hollywood Reporter, “The long-running popularity of Sons of Anarchy . . . has been a godsend for the motorcycle industry, which was hard-hit by the financial crisis.”

More from the Reporter:

Sons of Anarchy has been especially beneficial for Harley; the show has helped make the brand hip with younger riders to the point that Harley now leads the 18-to-34 market. (The maker provides the motorcycles to the show and has a deal with Marvel that has placed bikes in films including Iron Man 3.) Last year, Harley’s U.S. sales were up more than 6 percent over 2012.

“We basically saved Harley,” says Sons of Anarchy co-star Mark Boone Jr. (Bobby).

Similarly, at the height of the Mad Men craze, Banana Republic released a line of retro menswear. It’s also not a stretch to imagine that Design Within Reach’s showrooms probably experienced increased foot traffic, as laypeople that didn’t have to sit through the History of Furniture Design classes we ID’ers did now had some context for midcentury modern furniture.

Well, cable channel AMC has either hit hard times or is running out of room in its warehouses; the Mad Men–owning network is now auctioning off what seems to be every single item that appeared on the show, which ended its run earlier this year. 

We don’t see any Eameses or Saarinens on the list, though there’s plenty of furnishings that looks like they were vaguely involved. (They weren’t, at least in what’s on offer here; the good stuff was presumably snatched up by the show’s stars as they vacated the set.) 

There are also appliances, kitchenware and boozing paraphernalia, from ice buckets and bar carts with removable tray-tops to a Japanese-made cocktail-preparing set.

The big-ticket item is Don Draper’s 1965 Cadillac. There’s no word on whether the thing even runs—”VEHICLE IS SOLD AS IS,” the description says, capitals theirs—yet it’s up to 25 large at press time. Not too shabby considering “All winning bids”—that’s everything sold through the auction, not just the Caddy—”will have a 24% buyers premium added after closing.”

If you’ve got your eyes on the Coupe de Ville, or anything else on the list, you’d better hurry; the auction ends this Thursday.