Japanese Over-Design FTW: The Beetle 3-Way Highlighter

By Core77 on August 14, 2015 in Design - Other

Never thought I’d have a follow-up post for “Japanese Over-Design FTW: A Highlighter with a See-Through Tip,” but apparently the island of Nihon is not through with highlighter design innovation. Pen manufacturer Kokuyo has a model called the Beetle Tip 3 Way Highlighter Pen:

Jokes about over-design aside, I could actually see this dual-color model being useful for highlighting figures on a sheet—say, using one color to highlight numbers that have exceeded expectations, another color to tag the ones that need improvement.

On the other hand, the intended functionality of the monochromatic models seems a little iffy to me:

Unlike a lot of unique Japanese products, these aren’t tricky to find; they can be had on Amazon, nine bucks and change for a five-pack.

That’s for the monochromatic ones. The dual-color jammies are $5.80 for a three-pack.