Gothscreenshots: The Blog That Brought You the Most Depressing Digital Error Screens is Now Dressing You in Them

By Core77 on July 22, 2014 in Design - Other


The fact that Soug Wen uses that adorable little shrugging smiley in her tagline for Gothscreenshots might be my favorite thing of the month—the actual apparel collection coming in as a close second. What’s so special about this series of graphic tees and accessories? Well, their patterns are based solely on those hated icons we unfortunately see way too often on our computers. In fact, I think I’ve seen at least three of them in the time it’s taken me to write this post.


For those of you who don’t scour the Internet for tech-y humor blogs on a daily basis (guilty), Gothscreenshots was originally a Tumblog focused on capturing the frustrating—and notably depressing—nature of our digital error screens. They’ve just recently expanded into the world of punny fashion with their line of totes, tees, swimsuits and shift dresses. Insofar as graphic garb comes and goes, GSS captures the way we live now by immortalizing (or at least sartorializing) the blood-pressure-raising iconography of our times. No longer bound to a screen, Gothscreenshots’ apparel conjures these digital touchstones when you’re flipping through your closet, doing your laundry, or doffing your jacket at the bar.