Giant Red Ball Attempts to Flee Ohio for California to Join Smaller Black Balls, Doesn’t Make It

By Core77 on August 24, 2015 in Design - Other

You’ve probably heard that earlier this summer L.A. dumped 96 million “shade balls” into their reservoirs. The thinking was that the black, 4-inch HDPE spheres will reduce evaporation. Here’s a quick vid showing part of the mesmerizing dumping, which reminds us of Jelle Bakker’s epic Marble Machine:

Authorities are not clear on how the following incident happened, but here’s what we know:

1. A gigantic red ball created by Brooklyn artist Kurt Perschke apparently witnessed the video above.

2. During the installation process of Perschke’s RedBall Project at the Toledo Museum of Art, the aforementioned red ball decided it had had enough, and made up its mind to travel to Los Angeles to join its smaller waterborne friends.

The following video was shot just moments after the ball broke loose and attempted to find a freeway on-ramp:

Luckily the dangerous crimson sphere, which rolled over several parked cars while blatanly ignoring a One Way sign, was detained by museum employees who somehow managed to talk it down.

Authorities are requesting that RedBall Project visitors refrain from showing the ball any videos of Bakker’s marble machine, which is located across the Atlantic Ocean in Holland.