Ford’s New Injection Molded Airbag

By Core77 on August 20, 2015 in Design - Other

The challenge for automotive engineers is to make cars lighter, as less mass equals less gas. And when you can use less components to deliver comparable functionality, that’s a win on both the balance sheet and on the assembly line.

Thus the engineers at Ford’s German facility, in Cologne, took a hard look at the new Mustang to see where there was fat to trim. They realized they could do away with part of the bulky passenger-side airbag assembly if they replaced the lower portion with this novel arrangement, which ditches textiles for injection-molded plastic:

Unlike Volvo’s crazy disappearing front seats, this is no concept; if you’re rolling around in a 2015 Mustang, you might not have realized it, but these puppies are already installed in there.

(Via The Engineer, a UK-based publication that insists on spelling it “injection moulded”)