Engineer Builds Huge 2.5x-Scale Arcade Machine to Make Adult Players Feel Like Tykes Again

By Core77 on September 4, 2015 in Design - Other

Jason Camberis remembers what it was like to play arcade games as a kid. Now a grown man, the Chicago-based engineer builds and kits out arcade cabinets for a living. But no matter how faithful his reproductions, when you compare the sensation of playing one as an adult versus playing as a child, there’s something missing in the UX: The sheer sense of scale.

On a lark, and to put smiles on people’s faces, Camberis has rectified the problem with his latest creation: The Largest Arcade Machine in the World, as certified by the Guinness Book of World Records.

The gargantuan machine stands over 14 feet (over 4 meters) tall, and the unideal ergonomics are bound to provide some cramping after intense sessions. But Camberis wanted to be able to really play the thing, too; what they don’t show you in the video is that he’s actually designed in a pull-out staircase on the bottom to get you to a more manageable height. Read more about it at the link below.

Via Guinness World Records