Designers: Did You Ever Watch the Team That Must Install What You Design?

By Core77 on August 4, 2015 in Design - Other

Imagine you’re an architect, or an industrial designer or an interior designer, and you’re designing someone’s kitchen right down to the cabinets. So you draw your plans up in your perfect little CAD world, where everything is level, plumb and square. Then you spec out quartz countertops, because the material is as attractive and durable as granite, just without the maintenance. There are some irregular cuts to make, but those are easy to draw with your mouse.

Then you send the dimensions off to the fabrication house, kick your feet up and crack a beer.

What happens next is a team of guys have to come into the actual space to measure it precisely. Your dimensions were good enough to calculate square footage and an estimate, but not good enough to set tool to material. Said guys come back two weeks later with the finished surfaces, and are now faced with the fiendish task of getting it all level, square, and most importantly, seamless.

We’ve been following Frank Howarth’s kitchen remodeling project for quite some time, and as talented a builder as he is, architect Howarth knew it was better to call in pros to handle the quartz countertops. Though he didn’t do this part of the job himself, he did document all of it, giving you some idea of what these three dudes go through to get kitchens looking purty. He also explains why he really liked watching them do what they do:

How cool are those cam-lever-equipped vacuum clamps? I can’t decide if I like that or the string-not-laser measuring contraption.