Current ID Students: What’s Your Everyday Carry?

By Core77 on September 4, 2015 in Design - Other

You’ve seen what we former ID students once had to carry. But for those of you currently in school for ID, what items do you carry each and every day? Don’t tell us—show us! Snap a photo, “everday-carry”-style as seen below, and send it to us (details at the bottom of this entry).

Image via Gear Hungry

Why should you bother? Because we’ll sift through the photos, pick the best of the best, and feature them in an entry on September 14. We’ll also pick out the best three and give the winners a $25 Hand-Eye Supply Gift Certificate!

Remember, even if you’re a sophomore, you’re an ID student now! Meaning we’d love to see some thoughtfully-composed, designer-ly photos. Your shots will be judged by the following criteria:

1. Creativity

Image via Gear Hungry
Image via Vinjabond

The way you shoot your objects, what you shoot them against, and how they are arranged.

2. Clarity

The creativity factor mentioned above oughtn’t come at the expense of clarity. As a working industrial designer you’ll be expected to clearly present your ideas to others, providing information without extraneous fuss. How will you communicate to the viewer what each object is? Call-outs? Numbers with a key? Or maybe you’ve got a unique solution?

3. Coolness

Do you have a particularly innovative way of carrying or storing a given item? Have any killer, unusual tools or devices that help you with your work? Time to show it off!

Image via Everyday Carry


The only restriction is that you cannot have any objects that are black, white or grey. Just kidding–there are no content restrictions outside of the criteria listed above. Feel free to include the bag you carry everything in, or don’t. Shoot it all in one photo, or break it into as many as you need to tell your carry story. And of course you can include non-ID-specific items that are crucial to your daily routine.

As for resolution, bear in mind that if you go wider than 1080p and use tiny letters, your text will shrink even more in our web interface. Design challenge ahoy.

How to Enter

1. E-mail the photos to us at core77editors[at]gmail{dot}com.

2. Subject line must read “ID-EDC.”

3. Send us (a) your name or a catchy alias, (b) the name of your school and program and (c) your year of ID study.

That’s it! We look forward to seeing what you all have to haul.