Core77 Design Awards 2014: The Best Consumer Products of the Year

By Core77 on July 28, 2014 in Design - Other


Perennially the most popular—and competitive—category of the Core77 Design Awards, Consumer Products encompasses everything from health and wellness to comfort and convenience. If you didn’t catch the announcement of the Consumer Products winners back in June (live from our first annual Core77 Conference, no less), here’s a closer look at the honorees, along with comments from the jury team led by Johan Liden.

As always, this year’s honorees represent a full range of forward-thinking and noteworthy products released in 2013, for which mass market appeal is as much a criteria as the incremental innovations behind these objects. In fact, each of these products represents an upgrade from the average, unremarkable things that you might use everyday to the rarefied canon of products that you actually enjoy using.


Professional Winner: SOMA Water Filter and Carafe, by Moreless & Radius Product Development

It’s a simple yet powerful premise: That a humble water carafe might serve as a centerpiece for a kitchen or dining room. Moreless and Radius Product Development rose to the challenge and developed the SOMA Water Filter and Carafe for that very purpose. Here’s what the jury had to say: “SOMA is just as much about presentation as it is about purification. While other filtration pitchers may be intended to live on the dinner table, SOMA is the first one that belongs there… When you see it you ask yourself ‘Why hasn’t anyone done this before?’, which we felt is at the heart of great design.”

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Student Winner: Stack, by Mugi Yamamoto

It’s easy to see why Mugi Yamamoto‘s compact inkjet printer earned the praise of designers, including the jury team. Stack sits atop a column of paper and works its way down. The jury appreciated the transparency behind the work: “We loved the deconstruction and reductive thinking of an otherwise clunky, dated device and it’s ability to solve for some real world pain points—imagine always knowing if the printer has paper in it!”

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