“Climate Portal” at Swedish Airport Lets You Experience Faraway Atmospheres

By Core77 on July 31, 2015 in Design - Other

Inside Sweden’s Stockholm Arlanda Airport stands a mysterious mirrored box with three doors in it. It looks like a Backscatter machine designed by someone trying to make a splash at the Salone, but in fact it’s a Climate Portal; step inside, and you’ll suddenly experience the sensation of being in very different weather. “We wanted to create a way for you to experience your destination before even boarding your plane,” write the developers. “So you’ll know what to expect at the other side of the world.”

Each of the three doors contains a different environment: HOT (think Dubai), COLD (like Sweden’s own Kiruna in the Arctic Circle), or BIG (like Hong Kong, with accompanying urban imagery).

I’d like to reprogram the portal to really nail specific parts of New York City, for my overseas compatriots who are homesick. Here are my suggestions:

Summertime Canal Street J-train Station
– 110 degrees Fahrenheit/43 degrees Celsius
– 100% humidity
– Floor covered in garbage for atmospheric effect
– Scurrying rats visible amidst the tracks
– Hot, wet wind blows through the chamber to herald the train’s imminent arrival

Mott Street in July
– 95 degrees Fahrenheit/35 degrees Celsius
– 95% humidity
– Overpowering scent from nearby fish markets
– Mysterious, pungent brown juice leaking from garbage bags in front of restaurants

Sensation of Walking Down Lower Broadway in August
– 95 degrees Fahrenheit/35 degrees Celsius interrupted every few seconds by blasts of 50 degrees Fahrenheit/10 degrees Celsius blowing out of shoe stores trying to entice you inside with Arctic-level air conditioning and, inexplicably, loud club music
– Your path is constantly impeded by four tourists who have decided to walk abreast on the sidewalk, like they’re the Rockettes on stage
– Deafening wail of a passing fire truck blows out your tympanum

Admittedly, it’s a work in progress.