BioLite Shares the Case for Parallel Innovation

By Core77 on August 5, 2015 in Design - Other

Sometimes, all it takes is a spark to launch a potentially world-changing idea. Long eclipsed by coal, oil and renewables, wood is no longer regarded or used as a primary source of energy in the post-industrial world. Yet wood is still widely used for cooking in the developing world. According to the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, nearly half of the world still cooks on open wood-burning fires, and improper ventilation in cooking areas leads to over four million deaths per year.

BioLite, a company who is on a mission to bring “Energy Everywhere,” has been developing technologies and products for two seemingly disparate markets—the outdoor camp market and emerging markets in the developing world—through a process of parallel innovation. Using the same fundamental technology, their first product offerings harnessed energy from wood-burning fires to power small consumer electronics like cellular phones, LED lights or headlamps.

As part of an ongoing interview series on the Autodesk Foundation’s blog,, Core77 spoke with Director of Industrial Design Anton Ljunggren and Director of Marketing Erica Rosen about their insights on building a lean startup, the BioLite parallel innovation strategy, and designing products with true social impact.

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