Back to School: What Industrial Design Students Once Had to Carry

By Core77 on September 4, 2015 in Design - Other

Welcome back, ID students!

Back in July—when you were doing shots of Jaegermeister while swiping left or right, or whatever it is you hooligans do on summer break—we were reminiscing about the mass of items industrial design students had to carry in the early ’90s. In that pre-computer era, the objects were many. Here’s a re-cap:

Part 1: Drawing Implements

How many different ways are there to make a mark on paper? Plenty—and starting sophomore year, this ridiculously long list of mark-making implements were all required.

Part 2: Drawing and Drafting Supplies

We each had a tacklebox full of items we needed just to produce a simple drafting on paper. Remember, before computers, “CAD” just meant “jerk.”

Part 3: Paper

Drawing by Bob Borson

Sure, you current ID students still use paper. But how many different kinds? I guarantee we earlier ID folks killed more trees in a single semester than you’ll kill in six.

Part 4: Tools

What the shop didn’t provide, we had to bring. Tools for shaping, cutting, bending, gluing, soldering, and sabotaging your classmates’ work.

Part 5: Cases

Early-’90s rave-style cargo pants or no, we couldn’t just shove all of this stuff into our pockets. So we had all sorts of bags, bins and cases to tote it all in.

What Does the Modern-Day Industrial Design Student Carry?

Current ID students, now that you’re all back in school, you’ve undoubtedly assembled your own pile of modern-day design needs. We want to see what you’re carrying.