AddThis Pro introduces new pro tools for website owners

By WebdesignerDepot Staff on July 22, 2014 in Web Design

thumbnailWe all know the importance of social media; content may be king, but it’s a king without a castle if no one is visiting your site.

What all website owners need is a way to encourage new traffic, and retain old users. Sure, Google can help a bit, but the real prize is success on social media, and for that you need something like the AddThis social sharing tool.

You’ll have seen AddThis on any number of sites, including this one where we’re currently testing it out, and the company are now releasing AddThis Pro, an enhanced set of tools designed to increase social media engagement and track your success.

AddThis Pro introduces new pro tools for website owners

It’s easy to be cynical about AddThis, there are countless tools online claiming to drive more traffic to your site, and they rarely pay off. However, in the case of AddThis Pro, there may be some truth to the bold claims: simply by switching to the Pro option, The Cool Rental Guide increased sharing by 140%; that’s an incredible return on investment, but they’re not alone: Merchtable achieved a 41% increase in pageviews and a 25% increase in sales; and Hijos Del Atomo reduced their bounce rate by 7.75% in just three weeks!

Our favourite feature of AddThis Pro is that it modifies the social media options it displays, dependent on the current site visitor. It’s a great way to show users that you care about them.

There’s only really two downsides to AddThis Pro: firstly the widespread use of the tool means that the default buttons will look pretty generic pretty quickly — fortunately the dashboard has a ton of customization options and if you want to mix in your own code you can do even more.

Secondly, AddThis Pro has a tendency to convince you to use all of its tools, on every page, which is hovering around the area of spamming your own users — on this front you just need to exercise some restraint, test which option works best for you and your users, and then focus on that.

All in all, a 50% higher clickthrough rate, which is what AddThis Pro claims to deliver, is a huge boost for any site. 

AddThis Pro introduces new pro tools for website owners

AddThis Pro introduces new pro tools for website owners

Social sharing isn’t AddThis’ only strength, the web tool also features advanced reccomendations, that ensures that when users are finished with your content, they’ll keep reading instead of closing the browser tab and taking their attention elsewhere.

Analytics, dynamic recommendations, and engaging mobile-friendly social media sharing all combine to drive your content to new heights, and make AddThis Pro an great tool for anyone serious about their site’s performance.

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AddThis Pro introduces new pro tools for website owners


Update: several concerns have been raised about addThis’ use of so-called canvas fingerprinting. addThis have released a blog post that they hope will allay your concerns, you can read it here.

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AddThis Pro introduces new pro tools for website owners