Adding Water to These Cars Reveals a Hidden Paint Job

By Core77 on July 30, 2015 in Design - Other

Thermochromic paint, sometimes incorrectly referred to as thermochromatic paint, is neat stuff. It contains pigments that change color as the ambient temperature changes. And in the labs of a company like the UK’s Indestructible Specialist Coating Manufacturer, the temperature at which it changes, and the beginning and end colors, can be selected and calibrated.

Safety-based product design applications are obvious: Imagine a pot handle, or engine part, or machine housing coated with the stuff; as it approaches a temperature too dangerous to touch with bare hands, it turns, say, red.

Practical applications aside, Germany-based grafitti artist Rene Turrek has another use for thermochromic paint. He has combined two of what we assume are his favorite things—high-end automobiles and Marvel’s “The Avengers”—to create these weird and surprising pieces of rolling art:

Why a Lamborghini and Captain America? We’ve no idea. Why not a BMW and the Incredible Hulk?

Turrek has dubbed the project “XCLUSIVECARS,” and it seems it will continue beyond these two models; we have no idea where he gets his funding, but according to his Facebook page, he’s now gotten his hands on a Ferrari.

“This,” he writes, “could be the next XCLUSIVECARS project.” 

You guys reckon he’ll go with Iron Man this time, or is the red-on-red too on-the-nose?