A Laser Gizmo That Helps You Drill Straight

By Core77 on August 21, 2015 in Design - Other

Learning to drill a hole perfectly perpendicular to your surface is a crucial DIY skill. If you’re drilling downwards into a horizontal surface in front of you, it’s easy enough to see if you’re leaning the drill along the X-axis, but a little trickier to tell if you’re off in the Y-axis. Now a company called Cerwin Tools has developed a little laser gizmo they reckon will help you get it perfect.

Called the BullseyeBore, it’s a small plastic disc with laser optics inside. You chuck it into your drill along with your bit, and then it projects easy-to-see concentric circles. By gauging the gap between the circles, one can thus tell when you’re perpendicular or not:

I’d never use one myself, but I think the device is a neat idea. And it might make a good gift to encourage the uncoordinated to start working on their drilling skills.


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