A Dual-Chamber, Dual-Dispensing Beverage Cooler Design

By Core77 on September 3, 2015 in Design - Other

This is my favorite kind of industrial design, the humble kind. Here’s a great example of how adding a simple innovation to an existing product can vastly improve its function.

Plastic beverage coolers have existed for decades with the same basic design: Interior and exterior polypropylene walls, with a layer of polystyrene foam in between for insulation. Throw a spout on there and you’re done. The problem is that the foam can only insulate so much, and on a hot day it’s not long before your Gatorade goes from frosty to lukewarm. You can add ice, but that will of course dilute whatever you’re drinking.

So the folks over at Double Cooler simply added a cylinder to the middle, hooked up to a second spout. The result: A dual-chambered cooler. Now you can put ice in one chamber and the drink in another, or poison in one and the antidote in the other, et cetera:

Alas, the innovation is simple, but apparently the additional molds and assembly required is not. A standard Rubbermaid or Coleman 5-gallon runs around 20 to 30 bucks, but the 7-gallon Double Cooler will set you back about 70.

At least the two spouts make it clear where the liquid comes out of, unlike certain problematic coffee carafes.