3M’s Impressive, Science-y Rube Goldberg Machine

By Core77 on August 21, 2015 in Design - Other

We’ve all seen a lot of Rube Goldberg machines, but this one starts off with something we’ve never seen before: A ball being suspended by an electromagnetic device moving along a sloped track. 3M threw their considerable technical might into creating this branding vid, building an RG machine based on “physics, thermodynamics, chemistry, energy” and even sound:

Pretty neat, no? This brief “Making of” video isn’t as good, although we do get some glimpses of them knocking it together in the shop:

Am I the only one who was surprised to see them using a spade bit in the drill press? I haven’t used one in years, and always assumed they were only for folks who didn’t have the budget to buy a Forstner bit. So this is slightly off-topic, but do any of you use spade bits, and if so, why? I can’t think of a single benefit they confer over a Forstner aside from cost and taking up less space in a toolbox.