30+ impactful black and white websites

By Paddi MacDonnell on August 27, 2015 in Web Design

Color is one of the most significant elements of any design. It creates emotion, guides us through an interface, and reinforces a brand.

It’s rare that you find a truly black and white design, more often monochrome designs are dark gray, or off-white. But the effect is the same. Color is literally how we see the world — different light particles being absorbed, or emitted, give us a picture of our surroundings. So when color is missing, we start to see the world differently: textures and shapes become more apparent, and the world seems perceptibly slower. Black and white designs play on this alternate view of the world. When used well, a monochrome palette can be warm, reassuring, dramatic, and bold.

Mostly white design is minimal and restrained. Mostly black design is strong and assertive. Both ends of the spectrum are confident and positive.

Ironically, the biggest impact black and white designs have is on color. When the stage is entirely tonal, introducing a bright color almost sears it into our retinas. Adding a touch of color to an otherwise monochrome design is a powerful statement, as we’ll see…

Melanie Daveid

Ólafur Arnalds

Laure Boutmy

Code and Theory

Elite Model Management

Scheltens & Abbenes


Flavien Guilbaud


A-P & Co

Jeremy Pierre

Kurokawa Wonderland

4 1/2


The Post Family

Tangent GC

Sandberg Instituut

Transistor Design


Studio Blackburn


Dave Clark Design

Analytische Grafik

Cat Garcia Photography


Holding Still

Pauline Osmont

Park Tavern



Live Area

Pal Zileri



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